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Becky has been training clients at Rivertown Fitness since 2009.  She currently has AFFA certifications in personal training and group resistance training, as well as ten years experience as a Basic/Advanced certified Tae Bo┬« fitness instructor.  In 2015 she competed in her first ANBF(American Natural Bodybuilding Federation) competition in the bikini division winning all three categories entered including the overall and earned a pro card.  A genuine lover of fitness, here are five of her philosophies on training as it pertains to her clients:

1. Get to know your clients!  I ask questions.  Lots of questions.  I want to know your goals, your expectations and your perceived limitations.  I want to know about your support system, your stressors and your habits.  These are all factors that play a role in putting together a plan that is attainable for each individual client.

2. Meet people where they are.  I have trained people that have never stepped foot in a gym and I have trained other personal trainers.  No matter the fitness level, it must be met with respect.  Safety is important to me, there isn't a single exercise worth compromising a client's safety.  I am often heard saying "there are too many exercises to target a muscle to risk doing one that doesn't feel right!"

3. A solid foundation is key.  As with any new skill in life, you have to get the basics down.  I believe in a lot of communication with my clients in regards to where they should feel an exercise, which muscles they are using, and what techniques they need to use to make the movements the most effective.  Form, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance are all areas that can always be improved upon, this goes for myself as well.

4.  Curiosity is important, so is novelty.  There will always be two basic components to overall fitness - resistance and cardiovascular training.  The information on how to achieve the best results from these types of training is incredibly vast.  From the equipment, to the order, to the style, tempo, pace, load...there is rarely a day that I don't come across a new theory, approach or technique.  As a trainer, part of my job is to sift through this information, gain knowledge, try new things and ignore what I recognize as dangerous or lacking purpose.  As long as it delivers results to my clients, I am open!

5. Know your strengths as a trainer.  You can't be everything to everybody.  I have never played a sport in my life, I would never offer someone sport specific training.  I love to dance, but unless your goal is the Macarena, I'm not your girl.  I have had almost an exclusive all female clientele in my years at Rivertown and it has given me the chance to work with women of many ages, abilities, and ailments. I understand the female body, the changes we experience through hormones, pregnancy and age.  While I am happy to help any client work to achieve a specific goal, I love giving the ladies I work with the tools to shape bodies that look strong, proportionate and feminine.  We spend a lot of time lifting bootys, shrinking waists and defining arms!

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