RTC Tumbling & Cheer Classes


   Pricing & Class Placement


Are you ready to find out which class is best for your child?  Please contact McKenzie today at (843) 340-0880 to schedule an evaluation tumble session to see which class will best suit your child.

 Ages 5 to 9:

 $75 per month - once a week

 $100 per month - twice a week

 Ages 10 and up

 $80 per month - once a week

 $110 per month - twice a week

 Privates - $60 per session for 1 hr.  $30 per session for 30 mins.

  • Beginner tumbling classes will teach the fundamentals of tumbling. Students in this class will work on basic progressions: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, handstand drills, cartwheels, round-offs, front and back walkovers. Strength and flexibility will be instructed each class and the staff will assist each student with hands-on spotting techniques to ensure proper body alignment and muscle memory.

 Primary Focus – HANDSTANDS!! Handstands are a skill that should be performed, EACH and EVERYDAY, for excellence in tumbling. They will be practiced in every level, but for beginners to advance to the intermediate level, students must have the strength and body control to do these harder skills in a safe way.

  • Intermediate tumbling classes will introduce back handsprings, round-off connections, tucks, and standing front and back walkover connections. Drills, circuit training, and staff spotting stations will be used for the instruction of walkovers, tucks and handsprings. In this class the student will understand the importance of approaching each work out as a chance to develop enduring habits of excellence.
  • Advanced I tumbling class is focused on those who have mastered ALL the intermediate skills. In this level students will work on layouts and twisting. It is important for students to understand that although spotting is necessary when first learning fulls, arabians, whip backs, etc, it becomes less of a priority at this level. Students are expected to trust their instincts, the foundation of their tumbling to execute these new skills, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! *2 - 3 classes a week are required for the advanced level*